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Wednesday, October 23, 2019


cairo egypt new capital

What future for Egypt’s new capital city?

Egypt's new capital is not a mirage in the desert anymore. But still. It's far from being completed. Forging new capitals from scratch ain't a new phenomenon: countries are used to build...
dollars lebanon bytheeast

(Failed) State of emergency

"All these accidents that happen follow the dots", the songs says. Lebanese deep crisis is no exception. Except nothing here is accidental. This is no bad luck, only bad choices. Here we...
lebanon bekaa syrian refugees david hury

The 1001 challenges facing Syrian refugees in Lebanon

It comes as no surprise, the new UN annual report shows how Syrian refugees in Lebanon still face many challenges. Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP), which was jointly developed by the Government...
water scarcity middle east wars

Water scarcity in the Middle East, the growing normal

Water scarcity is not a modern phenomenon, nor are wars over access to water. 4,500 years ago, in what was then known as Iraq, a battle was fought between two ancient city states over water...
beirut lebanon railway

Lebanon: Railway would boost economic growth

Lebanon's sick from its atmospheric pollution, sick from its overpopulated highways, sick from its lack of alternatives. Yet, the patient should get some effective treatments. Like establishing a railway network which will...

How nomadism made Africa a land of disruptive innovation

Mobility, innovation and stability, three of the most important civilizational factors in economic development, are not calibrated the same way in every region of the world. Mary McAuliffe reports on the specific...
kyiv kiev ukraine flag agriculture bytheeast david hury

Agriculture in Ukraine, pt.2: Things that need to be fixed in heaven

True. Ukraine has succeeded in its quest to emerge as a significant international player. Its strategy seems efficient, statistics wise. But the strategy has inherent limitations… as the proverb goes dont put...
brazil rubens hannun

Rubens Hannun on Brazilian trade: “Closeness with Arab countries is strategic”

ByTheEast: The Câmara de Comércio Árabe-Brasileira (CCAB, Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce) was founded 67 years ago. Times were different then. What was its mission initially? How did it evolve?
kaslik pollution EDL bytheeast

Every breath you (shouldn’t) take… when in Beirut

Dear tourists, welcome to Beirut. A (strange) smell is in the air, you should probably worry. And don't think the same air will be healthier in Jounieh: atmospheric pollution has become a...
fadia safi bytheeast sesobel

Fadia Safi on financing NGOs: “We don’t want to shut Sesobel’s door”

ByTheEast: At the beginning of June 2019, you had announced you would be closing the gates of Sesobel on June 28, and that you would not be taking new applications because...