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Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Foreign funded NGOs in Egypt feel brunt of law

Foreign funded NGOs in Egypt are having a hard time in the country following the review of a law by Egyptian President...
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Lebanon’s domestic gas production policy

Domestic gas production in Lebanon is set boom with the country’s energy minister Cesar Abi Khalil saying Lebanon plans on starting new rounds of offshore...

Egypt’s non-oil private sector dips lower

Non-oil private sector activity in Egypt has dipped modestly in October 2018 and have touched their lowest levels, showed a survey.
jacques sarraf lebanon russia

Jacques Sarraf on Lebanon-Russia: “We need to establish strategic relations”

ByTheEast: How old are the bounds between Lebanon and Russia?  Jacques Sarraf: The first contact between Russia and the Lebanese population dates back to the...
AUB beirut lebanon science women

Lebanese women scientists shine in male-dominant firmament

Lebanese women scientists are setting new trends. Jana Kobeissi is a “fresh graduate” from the American University of Beirut who is still leading the...

Generator mafias competition leads to gunshot in Lebanon

The generator mafias in Lebanon profit from the gap that exists in the country’s power supply. Learn more about the issue in our previous...
border syria lebanon jordan

Nassib border with Jordan opens on Oct. 10

Syria’s Nassib border crossing with Jordan will reopen on October 10, said Syria's state media reports. With the trade captured from the rebels, the...
Guilherme Casarões

Guilherme Casarões on Brazil: “The trade relationships with the Middle East are not easy”

ByTheEast: Brazil was a net importer of agricultural products in the 1970s. It now ranks among the world’s five largest agricultural producers and exporters....
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Saudi bankruptcy law lays foundation for Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia’s comprehensive bankruptcy law has gone into effect last month, with economists saying the move will significantly impact long term economic growth in...

Economic ties between Turkey-Germany reset

Economic ties between Turkey and German could potentially see an upswing. On the eve of talks between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President...