Georges Saad (Lebanon)

Georges Saad (Lebanon)
Journalist. Specialities: Sustainability, local development, energy policies.
hezbollah israel war

Hezbollah-Israel: What could mean a new war for Lebanon in 2024?

The vast destruction of the Gaza strip infrastructures and the death toll among the Palestinian people should be enough to have a chilling effect...
Agritech Middle East

Middle East: What future for agriculture?

Welcome to the arid lands of the Middle East, where ancient civilizations have thrived for centuries against all odds. This region is not only...
lebanon middle east agriculture

Food security in Middle East: What’s to expect next summer?

Lebanon, Syria or Egypt do not appear in the new list drawn up by the UN Agencies about "rising hunger risk" unlike Afghanistan, Burkina...
Lebanon gas agreement

Exploiting Lebanon’s Gas Reserves: The next step

They finally dit it. ENI, TotalEnergies and QatarEnergy signed the long-awaited agreement with the caretaker Lebanese government on January 29. QatarEnergy joined this consortium...

Lebanon-Israel deal: The state of war (over gas) is over

Was it a true historic moment? Future will tell after, after Israel and Lebanon having concluded a “historic agreement” over a shared maritime border...

Russia vs. Saudi Arabia: Behind the curtains of the oil battle

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has reshuffled the cards of the alliances on the global energy market. Moscow and Riyadh are now playing a...
bachar el-assad

Lebanon’s energy crisis: Syria is back in the game

The economic crisis in Lebanon has been deepened by an energy crisis following the drying up of imported fuel into the country. This energy...
Lebanon fuel shortage

Lebanon: The looming economic collapse

Basic medical facilities and emergency services won’t be able to face the crisis. It will be game over soon. "Doctors and nurses faced grave...
Lebanese Pound

Hyperinflation could spark mass uprising in Lebanon

“I remember what happened in Argentina in 2011”, says Flora, an Argentinian citizen living in Beirut since 2013. “Now, my Lebanese friends understand what...
lebanon agriculture

Agriculture in Lebanon: The glimmer of hope?

Lebanon should not avoid all the laws of gravity. As elsewhere in the world, agriculture should be the backbone for our country since it...
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