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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Georges Saad (Lebanon)

Journalist. Specialities: Sustainability, local development, energy policies.
beirut lebanon railway

Lebanon: Railway would boost economic growth

Lebanon's sick from its atmospheric pollution, sick from its overpopulated highways, sick from its lack of alternatives. Yet, the patient should get...
kaslik pollution EDL bytheeast

Every breath you (shouldn’t) take… when in Beirut

Dear tourists, welcome to Beirut. A (strange) smell is in the air, you should probably worry. And don't think the same air...
beirut garbage crisis youstink 2016 david hury

Solid waste management in Lebanon: The new time bomb

We all know this inhuman mountain in Dora, north of Beirut. It's a time bomb. Solid waste management is an urgent need...
Lebanese and Syrian children learning side by side in Lebanon

What about the new UNICEF project to nurture children in Lebanon?

Children's need must come first. In a development which supports and nurture children, including their health, education, nutrition and child protection services,...

U.S.-Iran: The human cost of devastating wars

Recent events in the past weeks in the Persian Gulf indicate of potentially yet another devastating war in the region. The United...
kaslik EDL electricity lebanon Barthelemy Leyconie

Fixing electricity in Lebanon: the clock is ticking

Everybody knows it: Lebanon's internal software has to be updated as soon as possible and starting the reform of its electricity sector...
syria food safety bythteeast

Syria: the thorny issue of food security

During wartime, what's on your plate doesn't matter as long as there is something on it. And sometimes, food can really be...
lebanon qatar saudi arabia trade tourism

Can Qatar really challenge Saudi Arabia’s influence over Lebanon?

Money always talks. Bilateral trade between Lebanon and Qatar grew by a record 48%: from $145,9 million in 2017 it rose to...
egypt solar plant

Egypt: Cement giant sets up solar plant

SolarizEgypt has signed an agreement with Arabian Cement Company, one of Egypt’s leading cement producer, for setting up a solar photovoltaic (PV)...
Lebanon debt sustainability

Lebanon’s elephant in the room: its debt sustainability

Debt sustainability has become a focal point for Lebanon’s economy following comments made by its finance minister vis-a-vis its public debt. Beirut’s dollar dominated sovereign...