Guilherme Casarões

Guilherme Casarões on Brazil: “Trade relationships with the Middle East are not easy”

ByTheEast: Brazil was a net importer of agricultural products in the 1970s. It now ranks among the world’s five largest agricultural producers and exporters. Can it overtake the others? Guilherme Casarões: Brazil has come a...
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Merkel, the woman of steel

Her photograph among world leaders at the Group of Seven Summit in Canada was all over the news and the Internet for three days. But beyond this historic picture lays a new battle for...

Qatar Petroleum agrees to purchase 30% stake in Exxon Mobil’s Argentinian arm

In what is Qatar Petroleum’s first deal in Argentina, Qatar’s state-owned energy giant has signed an agreement to acquire a 30% stake in Exxon Mobil hydrocarbon affiliates in Argentina. The deal, was formally signed by...
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