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Afghanistan: U.S. loss is China’s gain

Afghanistan by itself is a true spoil of war. Ever since Soviet geologists mapped Afghanistan’s crags and valleys for minerals and raw materials, which according to estimates are worth trillions of dollars,...
lebanon beirut explosion china

Lebanon: Beware of China’s appetite

Vultures are craving to strip the flesh from Lebanon's bones. The August 4, 2020 explosion of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate in Lebanon port, stored without adopting due safety measures was an...
Paul Tourret ISEMAR

Paul Tourret on investing in Lebanon: “The Chinese are not adventurers”

ByTheEast: What have been the major transformations in maritime transport over the past 20 years? Paul Tourret: With regard to the maritime industry, its timeframe can be divided...
igor delanoe david hury bytheeast galina kuznetsova

Igor Delanoë on Syria: “Moscow and Tehran move towards a cooperative competition”

ByTheEast: Let’s start by the Syrian issue. How could Russian diplomacy "benefit" from the disengagement of Westerners? Which political solution can Russians adapt to emerge from the war?
jacques sarraf lebanon russia

Jacques Sarraf on Lebanon-Russia: “We need to establish strategic relations”

ByTheEast: How old are the bounds between Lebanon and Russia?  Jacques Sarraf: The first contact between Russia and the Lebanese population dates back to the reign of Tsar Ivan IV, who decided to support the...
AIIB, Lebanon, Membership

AIIB approves Lebanon’s membership application

In the most recent development, Lebanon finds place in the “Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank”, as a new “prospective” AIIB member. The membership application given by the Republic of Lebanon has been accepted by the “Asian...
Iran, China, relations,

Iran-China relations likely to expand in near future

With U.S. President Donald Trump withdrawing the United States from the 2015 landmark nuclear accord with Iran that was brought about by his predecessor Barrack Obama, Iran’s Foreign Minister along with Javad Zarif, one...