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Uber’s East Africa expansion strategy

East Africa has been placed on Uber roadmap. It’s rich economy per capita is drawing Uber to invest in the country. As a result, the ride services firm is considering expanding into two East...
Lebanese cultural heritage, museum, Beit Beirut,

Lebanese cultural heritage is revived through archaeological museums

Lebanon represented the Arab world’s cultural hub, through its various “annual arts festivals and vibrant gallery scene”. However, in recent times, due to the country’s economic instability, coupled with political upheaval and a lack...
UAE plastic waste

Sustainable tourism spreads plastic waste awareness in UAE

The plastic waste causing pollution, claimed the Divers Down UAE’s “Padi course director”, Nicola Liddell, is the biggest and the single issue that threatens the environment of the UAE. Liddell finds plastic waste in...
UAE ecotourism, natural wonders

The UAE ecotourism to highlight the region’s natural wonders

The UAE ecotourism drive attempts to underscore the region’s “tourism potential” in its ‘natural wonders’. The “Ministry of Climate Change and Environment”, in short MOCCAE, initiated the “National Ecotourism Project”. The aim of the initiation...
Lebanon, cedar forests, climate change,

Lebanon’s cedar forests threatened by climate change

Strolling in the cedar forests of Lebanon’s mountainous slopes is such a relief since it transports you away from the misery of everyday life. Many of these trees have been here for more than...
london lebanon manousheh

Lebanese manousheh comes to London City

Manousheh has reached the food market of London. Now it remains to be seen if the popular Lebanese dish manages to carve out a niche in the cut-throat food market of London. Bassam and...

Restoring Nile’s breath, the impossible task?

Have you ever been to Asyut, Beni Suef, Cairo at at the end of the Nile delta? Garbages, plastic wastes, bad smell, everywhere. The magnificent Nile turned into a dumping ground, as many rivers...