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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Cherine Husseini (Turkey)

Researcher and Environmental activist. Based between Beirut and Istanbul.
cairo egypt new capital

What future for Egypt’s new capital city?

Egypt's new capital is not a mirage in the desert anymore. But still. It's far from being completed. Forging new capitals from...
water scarcity middle east wars

Water scarcity in the Middle East, the growing normal

Water scarcity is not a modern phenomenon, nor are wars over access to water. 4,500 years ago, in what was then known as Iraq,...
jordan river nasa space

Water-for-electricity: the Lebanese-Jordanian solution

What an idea! Water for electricity, as it sounds into the oil-for-food program for Saddam's Iraq. Actually, the water-for-electricity deal between Lebanon...
lebanon syria smuggling

Smuggling resurfaced in Lebanon-Syria taxi route

Smuggling in Lebanese and Syrian markets have seen a renewal in the last few months, as goods are being smuggled from Lebanon’s market to...
beach cleaning barthelemy leyconie

Lebanese citizens volunteer for streets and beaches cleanup

Celebrating the World Cleanup Day, the people of Lebanon from all over the country gathered for beach and road cleanup.

Lebanese kabis contains carcinogenic substance

In November 2018, the Consumer Protection Directorate of Lebanon has issued a warning informing about the presence of a “carcinogenic substance”...
Kenya, Rainfalls, Rainwater Harvesting

Kenya needs to improve its rainwater harvesting systems

This year Kenya has witnessed “torrential rainfall”, writes the Theme Leader of Water Management at World Agroforestry Centre, Maibo Malesu. However, at the wake...
AUB beirut lebanon science women

Lebanese women scientists shine in male-dominant firmament

Lebanese women scientists are setting new trends. Jana Kobeissi is a “fresh graduate” from the American University of Beirut who is still leading the...

Power barge traps Lebanese in pollution and electricity dilemma

It is only in the last month that Kesrouan (north of Beirut) started having access to electricity all round the clock ever since Lebanon...

Resort activities keep endangered turtles out of Al-Mansouri Beach

In Al-Mansouri Beach moon beams have lost their bright glow as the “projector beams” at one end of the sandy stretch pierces the darkness...