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Cherine Husseini (Turkey)

Researcher and Environmental activist. Based between Beirut and Istanbul.
COP28 fossile fuels

COP28: Middle East countries face their inner demons

Fossil fuels, water resources, effects of the climate change… The challenges faced by Middle East countries are vivid. With COP28 ongoing in...

If Erdoğan loses on May 14, what could happen in the Middle East

The upcoming elections in Turkey on May 14 have sparked a lot of buzz. The current President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has...
deindustrialization europe

Russia-Ukraine war pushing Europe into increased deindustrialization

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has drawn global attention on the Russian Federation, with analysts from many spheres, ranging from economics to...
food security virus covid corona

Food security: Lessons to be learnt from Covid-19

Let's put our food security on the table. The outbreak of the coronavirus which emerged from China’s Wuhan and has spread the...
covid-19 lebanon

Covid-19: Lebanon staring at historic opportunity

Could the COVID-19 outbreak be an opportunity for the Lebanese economy? The “Arab Spring” which was earlier seen as the most disruptive...
jordan economy tourism

Jordan wants to get the ball rolling

The sun seems to still shine over Amman. Last Sunday, Jordanian government said it expects its economy to grow by 2.2 percent...
cairo egypt new capital

What future for Egypt’s new capital city?

Egypt's new capital is not a mirage in the desert anymore. But still. It's far from being completed. Forging new capitals from...
water scarcity middle east wars

Water scarcity in the Middle East, the growing normal

Water scarcity is not a modern phenomenon, nor are wars over access to water. 4,500 years ago, in what was then known as Iraq,...
jordan river nasa space

Water-for-electricity: the Lebanese-Jordanian solution

What an idea! Water for electricity, as it sounds into the oil-for-food program for Saddam's Iraq. Actually, the water-for-electricity deal between Lebanon...
lebanon syria smuggling

Smuggling resurfaced in Lebanon-Syria taxi route

Smuggling in Lebanese and Syrian markets have seen a renewal in the last few months, as goods are being smuggled from Lebanon’s market to...