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Food security: Lessons to be learnt from Covid-19

Let's put our food security on the table. The outbreak of the coronavirus which emerged from China’s Wuhan and has spread the world over has caused phenomenal economic damage across economies in...

Karim Daoud on sustainable agriculture: “We should respect our Mediterranean diet”

ByTheEast: A transition towards sustainable agriculture in Tunisia is crucial. But Tunisian agricultural income, which usually represents 11% of its GDP, has shrunk to 9%. What are the reasons for this...
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Syria: the thorny issue of food security

During wartime, what's on your plate doesn't matter as long as there is something on it. And sometimes, food can really be treacherous. With the waning of the winds of war in...

Lebanese kabis contains carcinogenic substance

In November 2018, the Consumer Protection Directorate of Lebanon has issued a warning informing about the presence of a “carcinogenic substance” in the "kabis" (Lebanese pickles) prepared with turnip.
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Tatiana Weber on Egypt: “Education is the top priority”

ByTheEast: According to a report published by the World Economic Forum, Egypt’s economy ranks 11th in the Middle East. How can you explain this bad ranking? Weber: In the 2017-2018 Global Competitiveness Index published by...
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Economic crisis looms over Lebanon: Economic experts

Economic crisis looming over Lebanon – such are the news reports coming out from the Western Press. Living in Beirut we already knew it. They are not a alone in this opinion – many...
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Cattle exports from Normandy to Iran comes to a grind

The export of cattle from Normandy to Iran has come to a standstill thanks to U.S. sanctions on Iran. According to a Senator from France, Washington’s economic policy is taking a toll on its...
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Depreciation of the Rial will be eased: Iran’s central bank

The Iranian Rial has halved its value since April 2018. In a bid to place a plank under its bottom especially since U.S. sanctions are likely to be imposed sometime this week, Iranian state...
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Economic impact of the Syrian war on Lebanon

The economic impact of the Syrian war has cost Lebanon nearly $9.7 billion, according to a study conducted by Jennifer Abu Mrad and her colleagues from the economic research center InfoPro titled, “Economic impact...
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Lebanese manousheh comes to London City

Manousheh has reached the food market of London. Now it remains to be seen if the popular Lebanese dish manages to carve out a niche in the cut-throat food market of London. Bassam and...