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Wednesday, June 26, 2019


U.S.-Iran: The human cost of devastating wars

Recent events in the past weeks in the Persian Gulf indicate of potentially yet another devastating war in the region. The United States has relocated B-52 bombers, has placed its Patriot missile...

Lebanon-Poland: some ties to boost

Ambassador of Poland to Lebanon Przemyslaw Niesiolowski said on May 17 that his country aims at increasing cooperation between Polish and Lebanese businessmen, local media reported. "We are going...
agriculture lebanon

Why Lebanon should follow Africa’s path to Agriculture 4.0

Could digital agriculture end Africa’s food scarcity as it is projected to house nearly a population of two billion by 2050? Farms need to accelerate their productivity in an even “faster rate...
lynn maalouf bytheeast amnesty international

Lynn Maalouf on death penalty: “Lebanon could play a role model”

ByTheEast: Let’s begin by getting a general overview of the human rights scene in Lebanon. Do you see any signs of progress over the last 10 years? Lynn Maalouf:...
agriculture 4.0 drone

Everything you need to know about Agriculture 4.0

Is Agriculture 4.0 the answer to future food security? Let's take a look. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. reported that by the year of 2050, global population is likely...
kaslik EDL electricity lebanon Barthelemy Leyconie

Fixing electricity in Lebanon: the clock is ticking

Everybody knows it: Lebanon's internal software has to be updated as soon as possible and starting the reform of its electricity sector should be the top priority. Lebanon’s state Treasury has so...
igor delanoe david hury bytheeast galina kuznetsova

Igor Delanoë on Syria: “Moscow and Tehran move towards a cooperative competition”

ByTheEast: Let’s start by the Syrian issue. How could Russian diplomacy "benefit" from the disengagement of Westerners? Which political solution can Russians adapt to emerge from the war?
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Lebanon: waterscape challenges hide future opportunities

What is the future of Lebanon's waterscape? This was the question which formed the central discussion theme in the youth conference which was organised by the Issam Fares Institute (IFI) for Public...
syria food safety bythteeast

Syria: the thorny issue of food security

During wartime, what's on your plate doesn't matter as long as there is something on it. And sometimes, food can really be treacherous. With the waning of the winds of war in...
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Can Qatar really challenge Saudi Arabia’s influence over Lebanon?

Money always talks. Bilateral trade between Lebanon and Qatar grew by a record 48%: from $145,9 million in 2017 it rose to $216,2 million in 2018, said Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al...