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Thursday, June 4, 2020


UAE nuclear power plant Barakah

Energy: UAE gains its first nuclear power plant

In a first of its kind in the Middle East, the UAE is set to host a nuclear power plant in the region. The 5,600MW Barakah nuclear power plant (NPP), located around...
Paul Tourret ISEMAR

Paul Tourret on investing in Lebanon: “The Chinese are not adventurers”

ByTheEast: What have been the major transformations in maritime transport over the past 20 years? Paul Tourret: With regard to the maritime industry, its timeframe can be divided...
berlin libya summit

Libya: The economic potential of a failed state

The international community knows this: Libya is a model of a failed state. But a failed state with potential. Nine years since the start of the Arab Spring, which saw a wave...
Lebanon Beirut protest Central Bank

Foreign support needed: Why always the same solution?

We have already been there. Several times. Asking for foreign support. Lebanese authorities are pretty desperate for solutions outside to support the country's economy. As it was the only solution, THE solution...
Swiss job $2 billion corruption

The Swiss job: the greatest heist in Lebanon's History?

Swiss banks have been like Heaven on Earth for some Lebanon's “creme de la creme” for a long, long time. Will it be over soon? “Intensive investigations were launched Friday (December 27)...
Rabih el-Chaer corruption Lebanon Banking secrecy ByTheEast

Rabih El Chaer on corruption: "We need a complete lifting of banking secrecy"

ByTheEast: Since the beginning of the Thawra on October 17th, corruption is the theme of many debates. How do you evaluate the words flowing freely in Lebanon nowadays?
jordan economy tourism

Jordan wants to get the ball rolling

The sun seems to still shine over Amman. Last Sunday, Jordanian government said it expects its economy to grow by 2.2 percent in 2020 in spite of local and regional challenges. Iraq...
banks lebanon crisis protest

Restoring confidence: the impossible Lebanese jigsaw

Confidence is not something you can buy. Or summon. In Lebanon nowadays, confidence won't be restored without the right men in the right position at the right time. This looks like one...
yasmine seghirate el-guerrab

Yasmine Seghirate el-Guerrab on food security: “We must ensure the health of the soil...

ByTheEast: International medias talk a lot about "food security" lately. What does it imply specially in the Mediterranean region? Yasmine Seghirate el-Guerrab: Food security in the region is...
Iraqi civil society

Iraq’s missed economic opportunities fueling strife

Years of economic mismanagement, corruption and runaway spending has fueled an uprising in civilian protests in Iraq that has killed scores of people and without deft handling risks spiraling into full-fledged civil...