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Thursday, November 30, 2023

David Hury (France-Lebanon)

Journalist and Editorial consultant. Former Beirut correspondent for La Croix, Le Soir, 20 Minutes.
gilles devers gaza palestine international law

Gilles Devers on Gaza: “The notion of ‘terrorism’ does not exist under international law”

ByTheEast: As a legal advocate for political causes, could you clarify who you represent in Palestine? Gilles Devers:...
lebanon IMF

Reforms in Lebanon: The IMF loses patience

IMF mission chief Ernesto Rigo hasn't weighed his words during his stay in Beirut last week. "We think Lebanon is at a...
yahia zoubir

Pr. Yahia Zoubir: “Food shortages could inflame the whole region”

ByTheEast: The war in Ukraine has disrupted the global agricultural supply chain. What are the short -term impacts on the countries...
Russia Ukraine crisis

Russia-Ukraine crisis: The ramifications on Europe and MENA

Midst ongoing diplomatic efforts to avert what the United States and its allies say is a potential invasion of Ukraine by Russia,...
Michael Wurmser Norge Mining

Michael Wurmser: “Norway is a game changer for Europe”

ByTheEast: How did you come to work in Norway? Michael Wurmser: I was already in the commodity business...
nadim houry interview ARI bytheeast

Nadim Houry on Lebanon: “The public sphere is left to rot”

ByTheEast: Since 2011, the Arab countries followed different paths. What have they in common in 2020? Nadim Houry:...
Paul Tourret ISEMAR

Paul Tourret on investing in Lebanon: “The Chinese are not adventurers”

ByTheEast: What have been the major transformations in maritime transport over the past 20 years? Paul Tourret: With...
Rabih el-Chaer corruption Lebanon Banking secrecy ByTheEast

Rabih El Chaer on corruption: "We need a complete lifting of banking secrecy"

ByTheEast: Since the beginning of the Thawra on October 17th, corruption is the theme of many debates. How do you evaluate...
yasmine seghirate el-guerrab

Yasmine Seghirate el-Guerrab on food security: “We must ensure the health of the soil...

ByTheEast: International medias talk a lot about "food security" lately. What does it imply specially in the Mediterranean region?
Marc Goutalier Saudi Arabia Russia Riyadh Observatoire des pays arabes

Marc Goutalier on Saudi Arabia: “Riyadh aims to diversify its portfolio”

ByTheEast: Saudi Arabia is currently in the spotlight. What can we expect from Russian president Vladimir Putin's visit to Riyadh today?