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covid-19 lebanon

Covid-19: Lebanon staring at historic opportunity

Could the COVID-19 outbreak be an opportunity for the Lebanese economy? The “Arab Spring” which was earlier seen as the most disruptive event which shook the Middle East to its core since...
kaslik pollution EDL bytheeast

Every breath you (shouldn’t) take… when in Beirut

Dear tourists, welcome to Beirut. A (strange) smell is in the air, you should probably worry. And don't think the same air will be healthier in Jounieh: atmospheric pollution has become a...
fadia safi bytheeast sesobel

Fadia Safi on financing NGOs: “We don’t want to shut Sesobel’s door”

ByTheEast: At the beginning of June 2019, you had announced you would be closing the gates of Sesobel on June 28, and that you would not be taking new applications because...
beirut garbage crisis youstink 2016 david hury

Solid waste management in Lebanon: The new time bomb

We all know this inhuman mountain in Dora, north of Beirut. It's a time bomb. Solid waste management is an urgent need in Beirut since the Borj Hammoud landfill, one of two...

Karim Daoud on sustainable agriculture: “We should respect our Mediterranean diet”

ByTheEast: A transition towards sustainable agriculture in Tunisia is crucial. But Tunisian agricultural income, which usually represents 11% of its GDP, has shrunk to 9%. What are the reasons for this...
ayman assi marsa david hury bytheeast

Ayman Assi on sexual health care: “Public health is at stake”

ByTheEast: How was the NGO Marsa born? Ayman Assi: In the early 2000s, following the results of a study on Lebanese doctors which shed light on the fact that the majority...
syria food safety bythteeast

Syria: the thorny issue of food security

During wartime, what's on your plate doesn't matter as long as there is something on it. And sometimes, food can really be treacherous. With the waning of the winds of war in...
beach cleaning barthelemy leyconie

Lebanese citizens volunteer for streets and beaches cleanup

Celebrating the World Cleanup Day, the people of Lebanon from all over the country gathered for beach and road cleanup. A local NGO, “Live Love”, was at the helm...
Qatar, Doha, economic blockade, Saudi, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, economy, opportunity,

Qatar: Economic blockade turned into opportunity

Stifling economic blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia and Egypt on Qatar will continue to remain in place until further notice with neither Saudi Arabia nor Egypt will to "make any concessions" towards...

Lebanese kabis contains carcinogenic substance

In November 2018, the Consumer Protection Directorate of Lebanon has issued a warning informing about the presence of a “carcinogenic substance” in the "kabis" (Lebanese pickles) prepared with turnip.