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Lebanese citizens volunteer for streets and beaches cleanup

Celebrating the World Cleanup Day, the people of Lebanon from all over the country gathered for beach and road cleanup. A local NGO, “Live Love”, was at the helm...
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Qatar: Economic blockade turned into opportunity

Stifling economic blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia and Egypt on Qatar will continue to remain in place until further notice with neither Saudi Arabia nor Egypt will to "make any concessions" towards...

Lebanese kabis contains carcinogenic substance

In November 2018, the Consumer Protection Directorate of Lebanon has issued a warning informing about the presence of a “carcinogenic substance” in the "kabis" (Lebanese pickles) prepared with turnip.

Economic ties between Turkey-Germany reset

Economic ties between Turkey and German could potentially see an upswing. On the eve of talks between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, Merkel said, while Germany wants to boost economic...
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Tatiana Weber on Egypt: “Education is the top priority”

ByTheEast: According to a report published by the World Economic Forum, Egypt’s economy ranks 11th in the Middle East. How can you explain this bad ranking? Weber: In the 2017-2018 Global Competitiveness Index published by...

Contraband starving Lebanon of much needed revenue

Contraband is increasingly depriving Syria of much needed revenues. The illicit trade of contraband, which includes tobacco, cigarettes and pharmaceuticals, through Syria’s porous borders with Lebanon, is set to costs the Lebanese treasury tens...
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Lebanese healthcare entrepreneurs lack resources and skills

Lebanese healthcare quality does top the list when it comes to the Arab world, as Lebanon is into “testing new medical technologies”. Given the current scenario, the country could explore the entrepreneurial ventures through...

Power barge traps Lebanese in pollution and electricity dilemma

It is only in the last month that Kesrouan (north of Beirut) started having access to electricity all round the clock ever since Lebanon saw the end of its Civil War. This was possible...
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Education and funding required for Syria’s children

Education has emerged as a focus point in Syria. With the fears of war largely receding from what was once the world’s biggest battle field, school children are donning their school uniforms as they...
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Financial assistance used as negotiation tool in Palestine

U.S. assistance of $25 million to 6 hospitals which were primarily serving Palestinians in Jerusalem has been cut, confirmed an official from the U.S. State Department. The move follows a review of U.S. aid to...