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Wednesday, June 26, 2019


hezbollah lebanon UK terror entity

Hezbollah as “terror entity”: UK says ‘yes’, EU says ‘no’

Sorry UK, but branding Hezbollah as "terror entity" seems a bit anachronistic given the mess it has created for itself with Brexit and its questionable allies in the Middle East. Yet, in...
london lebanon manousheh

Lebanese manousheh comes to London City

Manousheh has reached the food market of London. Now it remains to be seen if the popular Lebanese dish manages to carve out a niche in the cut-throat food market of London. Bassam and...
angela merkel, G7, trump, Group of Seven, Canada, counter-measures, against, steel, german, chancellor

Merkel, the woman of steel

Her photograph among world leaders at the Group of Seven Summit in Canada was all over the news and the Internet for three days. But beyond this historic picture lays a new battle for...

Europe bets on Sisi’s Egypt

Egypt wins it all: almost $13 billion for modernizing Egyptian institutions. “The richness of cooperation is evident in the figure of the total EU aid commitments to Egypt, which amounts to over $351 million...

French diplomacy saves Lebanon from engaging in a war, claimed President Macron

According to Reuters’ reports, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, sees his country as the problem solver of Lebanese “political crisis”, whereby referring to last year’s situation. In a public statement, President Macron also...