Tina Abou Rizk (Jordan-Lebanon)

Tina Abou Rizk (Jordan-Lebanon)
Researcher and financial analyst. Freelance consultant for European NGOs in Lebanon for development projects.
cholera lebanon

Cholera outbreak: “The situation in Lebanon is fragile”

According to records from Lebanon's Public Health Ministry, there are upwards of 2,524 confirmed cases of Cholera, a bacterial illness which spreads through contaminated...
lebanon demographic change

Lebanon’s economy crisis fueling demographic change

Lebanon knows the drill: war and economic crisis lead many to emigrate. In recent years Lebanon has been engulfed in an economic turmoil. In...
lebanon covid vaccine

Lebanon’s (lost) battle with coronavirus pandemic

Lebanon stands on the precipice. If not worse. With countries across the globe reeling from the effects of the coronavirus-induced lock-downs which has significantly...
lebanon digital currency

Banque du Liban preparing digital currency launch next year

Can the Banque du Liban really find a good solution to extinguish all the criticism? As part of a broader push to combat the...
lebanon beirut explosion china

Lebanon: Beware of China’s appetite

Vultures are craving to strip the flesh from Lebanon's bones. The August 4, 2020 explosion of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate in Lebanon port,...
1000 Lebanese Pounds

Lebanese Pound’s crisis, an opportunity in disguise?

The glamorous rate of the Lebanese Pound, artificially indexed to the US dollar for so many years, is history now. In recent months, the...
lebanese pound banking system

Lebanon: The banking system needs reforms to stop the bleeding, not politics

Something has to change in the wonderful world of the Lebanese banking system. The manner in which Lebanon is addressing its financial crisis leaves...
Swiss job $2 billion corruption

The Swiss job: the greatest heist in Lebanon's History?

Swiss banks have been like Heaven on Earth for some Lebanon's “creme de la creme” for a long, long time. Will it be over...

How nomadism made Africa a land of disruptive innovation

Mobility, innovation and stability, three of the most important civilizational factors in economic development, are not calibrated the same way in every region of...
agriculture lebanon

Why Lebanon should follow Africa’s path to Agriculture 4.0

Could digital agriculture end Africa’s food scarcity as it is projected to house nearly a population of two billion by 2050? Farms need to...
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