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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Ziad Moussa (Lebanon)

Researcher. Specialities: Foreign Policy in the Middle East, NGOs perspectives, natural resources.
hezbollah lebanon UK terror entity

Hezbollah as “terror entity”: UK says ‘yes’, EU says ‘no’

Sorry UK, but branding Hezbollah as "terror entity" seems a bit anachronistic given the mess it has created for itself with Brexit...
Illicit arms sales brings new dimension to Yemen war

Illicit arms sales brings new dimension to Yemen war

It comes as no surprise, illicit arms and weapons have been flowing into the war in Yemen with numerous examples of such...

China pledges $20 billion in financial aid to the Middle East

On Tuesday, as part of China’s strategic foreign policy objective which also fits well in it Belt and Road project, Chinese President Xi Jinping...
Lebanon, SmartEx exhibition, startups, technology, tech hub

SmartEx exhibition cements Lebanon position as a growing tech hub

Targeting a burgeoning tech sector in Lebanon, this year’s SmartEx exhibition saw the participation of scores of companies who showcased their innovations and highlighting...
Oil for Development program, Norway, Lebanon, hydrocarbons, sustainable, management,

Norway continues Lebanese development program

The Oil for Development program signed by Lebanon and Norway for another three years, will significantly aid the country’s civil society towards a transparent...
ignacio de la torre

Ignacio De La Torre on microfinance: “It is profitable and sustainable”

ByTheEast: As the founder of Financieros sin Fronteras, you have a wide angle about how foreign countries run their monetary system, about microfinance. How...
Strait of Hormuz, strategic, Iran, crude oil, LNG,

Strait of Hormuz: Its strategic importance for sea-borne oil

The Strait of Hormuz, a strategic artery which links producers of crude oil from the Middle East to markets in the Asia Pacific region,...
beirut lebanon sea pollution sewage

Dumping untreated sewage into the sea, a serious health hazard

Although the beaches of the Lebanese coastal city of Jounieh are a popular destination for relaxation and water sports in the bay, the bacteria...
Mediterranean turtle pollution plastic

Plastic pollution chocking water bodies in Lebanon

Plastic pollution as well as garbage pollution has become an enormous source of problem not only in Lebanon but worldwide. The crisis has gained...
EDL electricity

Power outages a thing of the past in Lebanon

Having rarely experienced power outages in Canada and Saudi Arabia, on his return to his homeland, Lebanon, Antoine Saab, had dreamed of leading a...