Ziad Moussa (UAE-Lebanon)

Ziad Moussa (UAE-Lebanon)
Researcher. Specialities: Foreign Policy in the Middle East, NGOs perspectives, natural resources.
2020 beirut port explosion

Beirut port explosion: 3 years later, still no one held accountable

August 4, 2020, 6.07pm. The world watched in horror as Beirut, Lebanon's vibrant capital city, was rocked by a devastating explosion. On that fateful...

Will decentralized solar power become the solution to Lebanon’s electricity blackouts?

The electricity scene in Lebanon is notorious for long power cuts leaving households, retailers, and industries in near-permanent anemia. Since decades chronic power shortages...

Afghanistan: U.S. loss is China’s gain

Afghanistan by itself is a true spoil of war. Ever since Soviet geologists mapped Afghanistan’s crags and valleys for minerals and raw materials, which...
navy Russia Sudan

Russian base in Sudan: An unfinished business?

Things may change between Sudan and Russia. Or not. During a visit to Moscow, Sudanese Foreign Minister Mariam al-Mahdi had said, lawmakers from his...
UAE nuclear power plant Barakah

Energy: UAE gains its first nuclear power plant

In a first of its kind in the Middle East, the UAE is set to host a nuclear power plant in the region. The...
berlin libya summit

Libya: The economic potential of a failed state

The international community knows this: Libya is a model of a failed state. But a failed state with potential. Nine years since the start...
Iraqi civil society

Iraq’s missed economic opportunities fueling strife

Years of economic mismanagement, corruption and runaway spending has fueled an uprising in civilian protests in Iraq that has killed scores of people and...
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri meets Sheikh Mouhamad Bin Zayed

Lebanon Inc., With a little help from my friends

“Our house is burning and we are looking elsewhere,” the French President Jacques Chirac said, back in 2002 at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in...
lebanon bekaa syrian refugees david hury

The 1001 challenges facing Syrian refugees in Lebanon

It comes as no surprise, the new UN annual report shows how Syrian refugees in Lebanon still face many challenges. Lebanon Crisis Response Plan...
hezbollah lebanon UK terror entity

Hezbollah as “terror entity”: UK says ‘yes’, EU says ‘no’

Sorry UK, but branding Hezbollah as "terror entity" seems a bit anachronistic given the mess it has created for itself with Brexit and its...
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