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cairo egypt new capital

What future for Egypt’s new capital city?

Egypt's new capital is not a mirage in the desert anymore. But still. It's far from being completed. Forging new capitals from...
egypt solar plant

Egypt: Cement giant sets up solar plant

SolarizEgypt has signed an agreement with Arabian Cement Company, one of Egypt’s leading cement producer, for setting up a solar photovoltaic (PV)...
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Foreign funded NGOs in Egypt feel brunt of law

Foreign funded NGOs in Egypt are having a hard time in the country following the review of a law by Egyptian President...

Egypt’s non-oil private sector dips lower

Non-oil private sector activity in Egypt has dipped modestly in October 2018 and have touched their lowest levels, showed a survey.
tatiana weber world bank

Tatiana Weber on Egypt: “Education is the top priority”

ByTheEast: According to a report published by the World Economic Forum, Egypt’s economy ranks 11th in the Middle East. How can you explain this...
fake news, internet, Egypt, law, bill, legislation,

Fake news legislation set to become law in Egypt

Fake news has become a growing menace. With the ever increasing reach of the internet, it is becoming increasingly easier for for those with...
egypt israel deal gas pipeline EMG

Egypt, Israel to reshape Middle East gas map

Will hydrocarbons be the cement of Middle East as fertilizers could be the cement for the African continent? Will hydrocarbons transcend all political and...
Egypt Sukaria gold mine

Egypt’s courting Australia to upgrade mining industry

Aussies most welcomed. Long-term projects are often initiated behind the scenes, and Egypt would like to go fast on upgrading mining industry. Two days...
gaza rafah morocco border egypt

Gaza: Morocco aid coming through Egypt and Jordan

Last month was the Palestine month in Morocco. Thousands rally on the Nakba Day in Casablanca on May 14, huge demonstrations took place to...

Europe bets on Sisi’s Egypt

Egypt wins it all: almost $13 billion for modernizing Egyptian institutions. “The richness of cooperation is evident in the figure of the total EU...