Europe bets on Sisi’s Egypt

Ivan Surkos, head of the EU delegation to Egypt. Source:

Egypt wins it all: almost $13 billion for modernizing Egyptian institutions. “The richness of cooperation is evident in the figure of the total EU aid commitments to Egypt, which amounts to over $351 million in grants. The total of combined ongoing aid commitments of EU member states, institutions, and the European financing institutions is €11 billion [$12.9 billion],” Ivan Surkos, head of the EU delegation to Egypt, said. The EU definitely considers Egypt as it’s most important trading partner in the Southern Mediterranean.

Surkos added that Egypt and the EU need their cooperation on several levels such as political affairs, counter terrorism, human rights, migration, security, and sustainable development. New plans and partnerships are set until 2020 now.

European delegation also pointed EU’s support of Egypt’s measures against terrorism, and reiterated the importance of a firm approach to get rid of the root causes of extremism. “The fight against terrorism shall happen within the rule of law, as we believe that the respect of individual freedoms as well as socioeconomic inclusion can bring long-lasting development and stability,” the ambassador said.