Lebanon in the grip of largest hacking attacks

Recently, Lebanon faced massive data theft which was termed as the “largest” one ever encountered in its history.

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Recent hacking attacks mark "the largest in the history of Lebanon". (Source: pixabay.com)

According to the reports coming from the Lebanese media, who said to have cited “security officials”, Lebanon recently faced hacking attacks which could be the largest one ever seen in the country’s history.

Moreover, it is also reported that there are Lebanese hackers who hack into government’s database, steal a “vast amount of data”, while sometimes various corporations as well as the security forces, become the target for these kinds of attacks. Later on, these stolen information is sold to “unknown parties”.

The Al-Akhbar daily reports in Arabic language and if its information were to be believed, various citizens of Lebanon have been taken into custody under the above mentioned case. Furthermore, the said report also stated that the recent incident of hacking attacks turned out to be “the largest in the history of Lebanon”.

The targets of these hacking attacks faced a “large-scale” data loss, as they fell prey to data theft. Following the attacks the culprits were supposedly “selling the data”, although the parties on the purchasing end are yet to the identified and still continues to remain “unknown”. According to the officials talking to al-Akhbar: “The extent of the damage is still unknown”.

One of the internet service providers in Lebanon found out that its “systems were hacked”, upon the discovery of the severe situation, the company rushed to the authorities. Thanks to the “Internal Security Forces” of Lebanon that the alleged hacker behind the hacking attacks were tracked down and identified. In fact, besides arresting the alleged culprit, altogether another suspect was also taken under arrest.

Throwing up new light, as the investigation continued on its way, several other suspects came into the view, while someone among these suspects even include “a relative of a well-known business figure”, described the Al-Akhbar. While TOI added: “The names of the suspects have not been released, and many details are being withheld from the public as the investigation continues, Lebanese media reported”.