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Thursday, February 21, 2019
jacques sarraf lebanon russia

Jacques Sarraf on Lebanon-Russia: “We need to establish strategic relations”

ByTheEast: How old are the bounds between Lebanon and Russia?  Jacques Sarraf: The first contact between Russia and the Lebanese population dates back to the reign of Tsar Ivan IV, who decided to support the...
Guilherme Casarões

Guilherme Casarões on Brazil: “The trade relationships with the Middle East are not easy”

ByTheEast: Brazil was a net importer of agricultural products in the 1970s. It now ranks among the world’s five largest agricultural producers and exporters. Can it overtake the others? Guilherme Casarões: Brazil has come a...
tatiana weber world bank

Tatiana Weber on Egypt: “Education is the top priority”

ByTheEast: According to a report published by the World Economic Forum, Egypt’s economy ranks 11th in the Middle East. How can you explain this bad ranking? Weber: In the 2017-2018 Global Competitiveness Index published by...
ignacio de la torre

Ignacio De La Torre on microfinance: “It is profitable and sustainable”

ByTheEast: As the founder of Financieros sin Fronteras, you have a wide angle about how foreign countries run their monetary system, about microfinance. How would you compare Spain with other Mediterranean countries? De la Torre:...
roland riachi water crisis resources lebanon beirut water resources

Roland Riachi on water resources: “2018 is definitely a year of crisis”

ByTheEast: What’s so specific about water in Lebanon? Riachi: What’s really fascinating about water is that water is everywhere. In every fields in our societies: agriculture, electricity, industries, public health… Water is really everywhere and...