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Rabih el-Chaer corruption Lebanon Banking secrecy ByTheEast

Rabih El Chaer on corruption: "We need a complete lifting of banking secrecy"

ByTheEast: Since the beginning of the Thawra on October 17th, corruption is the theme of many debates. How do you evaluate the words flowing freely in Lebanon nowadays?
yasmine seghirate el-guerrab

Yasmine Seghirate el-Guerrab on food security: “We must ensure the health of the soil...

ByTheEast: International medias talk a lot about "food security" lately. What does it imply specially in the Mediterranean region? Yasmine Seghirate el-Guerrab: Food security in the region is...
Marc Goutalier Saudi Arabia Russia Riyadh Observatoire des pays arabes

Marc Goutalier on Saudi Arabia: “Riyadh aims to diversify its portfolio”

ByTheEast: Saudi Arabia is currently in the spotlight. What can we expect from Russian president Vladimir Putin's visit to Riyadh today? Marc Goutalier: In geopolitical terms this is symbolic...
brazil rubens hannun

Rubens Hannun on Brazilian trade: “Closeness with Arab countries is strategic”

ByTheEast: The Câmara de Comércio Árabe-Brasileira (CCAB, Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce) was founded 67 years ago. Times were different then. What was its mission initially? How did it evolve?
fadia safi bytheeast sesobel

Fadia Safi on financing NGOs: “We don’t want to shut Sesobel’s door”

ByTheEast: At the beginning of June 2019, you had announced you would be closing the gates of Sesobel on June 28, and that you would not be taking new applications because...

Karim Daoud on sustainable agriculture: “We should respect our Mediterranean diet”

ByTheEast: A transition towards sustainable agriculture in Tunisia is crucial. But Tunisian agricultural income, which usually represents 11% of its GDP, has shrunk to 9%. What are the reasons for this...
ayman assi marsa david hury bytheeast

Ayman Assi on sexual health care: “Public health is at stake”

ByTheEast: How was the NGO Marsa born? Ayman Assi: In the early 2000s, following the results of a study on Lebanese doctors which shed light on the fact that the majority...
lynn maalouf bytheeast amnesty international

Lynn Maalouf on death penalty: “Lebanon could play a role model”

ByTheEast: Let’s begin by getting a general overview of the human rights scene in Lebanon. Do you see any signs of progress over the last 10 years? Lynn Maalouf:...
igor delanoe david hury bytheeast galina kuznetsova

Igor Delanoë on Syria: “Moscow and Tehran move towards a cooperative competition”

ByTheEast: Let’s start by the Syrian issue. How could Russian diplomacy "benefit" from the disengagement of Westerners? Which political solution can Russians adapt to emerge from the war?
asmahan zein LLWB

Asmahan Zein on labour market: “Women lack representation at many levels”

ByTheEast: A recent survey (‘Working Women in the Middle East and North Africa’, by Bayt.com and YouGov.com) ranked Lebanon as #1, vis-a-vis women and men working together in the same workplace. Are...