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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Tina Abou Rizk (Lebanon)

Researcher and financial analyst. Freelance consultant for European NGOs in Lebanon for development projects.

Sidon and other Lebanese cities enjoy tourism boom

Sidon is almost a six thousand year old city in Lebanon which reaped benefit this summer from the international tourism boom, whereby tourists flocked...
Lebanese healthcare, start-ups

Lebanese healthcare entrepreneurs lack resources and skills

Lebanese healthcare quality does top the list when it comes to the Arab world, as Lebanon is into “testing new medical technologies”. Given the...
beirut moteur generator electricity

Generator mafias profit from Lebanese power supply gap

In an attempt to bridge the power supply gap in Lebanon, people who owned private generators in Lebanon have been collecting “extortionate prices” from...
waste management plant, sustainability,

Waste management plant in Lebanon recovers resources to create jobs

Waste management plant in Lebanon receives officials at its site. An official delegation of Lebanon visited a “waste sorting plant” which is located in...

Lebanese mountains are threatened by excessive quarrying

Gilgamesh’s Babylonian epic located in the Lebanese mountains recounts that a Sumerian King travelled to Mount Lebanon, wherein he cuts down the famous cedar...
Nucleus Lebanon

The Nucleus to boost Lebanese tech start-ups sector

The UK Lebanon Tech Hub aims to fuel further growth in “Lebanon’s ecosystem”, whereby it has come out with The Nucleus. The Nucleus is “a...
primary healthcare, Kenya,

The primary healthcare sector of Kenya needs urgent attention

Reflecting on the progress made by Kenya as a country over the past fifty five years in Kenya’s healthcare, one can go back to...
Lebanese cultural heritage, museum, Beit Beirut,

Lebanese cultural heritage is revived through archaeological museums

Lebanon represented the Arab world’s cultural hub, through its various “annual arts festivals and vibrant gallery scene”. However, in recent times, due to the...
UAE plastic waste

Sustainable tourism spreads plastic waste awareness in UAE

The plastic waste causing pollution, claimed the Divers Down UAE’s “Padi course director”, Nicola Liddell, is the biggest and the single issue that threatens...
UAE ecotourism, natural wonders

The UAE ecotourism to highlight the region’s natural wonders

The UAE ecotourism drive attempts to underscore the region’s “tourism potential” in its ‘natural wonders’. The “Ministry of Climate Change and Environment”, in short...