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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Tina Abou Rizk (Lebanon)

Researcher and financial analyst. Freelance consultant for European NGOs in Lebanon for development projects.
Majid Al Futtaim Group, Lebanon, Carrefour

Majid Al Futtaim Group’s ‘$2 billion’ investment in Lebanon

Amid the economic turmoils of Lebanon, foreign investors like Majid Al Futtaim Group, continue to eye Lebanon’s opportunities. As a result, the group is...
Abu Dhabi, desert, China

Abu Dhabi deserts to turn into arable land

It is difficult to establish greenery in Abu Dhabi, while commercial agricultural forms have been sought as a coveted measure to keep up with...
Ma'aden, Mining, Saudi Arabia

Ma’aden looks for potential overseas expansion through acquisitions

Ma’aden, the “largest mine” in the Arabian Gulf, is a “Saudi Arabian Mining Company”, which were looking to grow on an international scale in...
hacking attacks, Lebanon, largest,

Lebanon in the grip of largest hacking attacks

According to the reports coming from the Lebanese media, who said to have cited “security officials”, Lebanon recently faced hacking attacks which could be...
Creative Lebanon Center, Saad Hariri , Christina Lassen,

Creative Lebanon Center promotes cultural heritage of Lebanon

The Creative Lebanon Center was launched in a joint venture. The event was organised by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, in short UNIDO,...
construction material, Lebanon, Project Lebanon, Saad Hariri

Syrian markets, an opportunity for Lebanese construction material sector

Lebanese construction material sector is facing 40% reduction in demand for their product. The said sector is going through a struggle, said the exhibitors...
World Bank, Lebanon, Employment Opportunity,

World Bank grants $400 million to Lebanon

World Bank has granted “$400 million” and “soft loans to Lebanon in order to support the latter in the creation of “thousands of jobs”....
Lebanon railway, Turkey, renovation

Turkey renovates Lebanon railway on Hejaz rail line

Tripoli’s Lebanon railway to get a renovated look. The train station is located on Hejaz Railway and was build sometimes between the year “1900...
AIIB, Lebanon, Membership

AIIB approves Lebanon’s membership application

In the most recent development, Lebanon finds place in the “Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank”, as a new “prospective” AIIB member. The membership application given by...
Syrian Crisis, EU, Trust Fund, Lebanon

Lebanon gets EU aid package for ‘Syrian Crisis’

The “EU Regional Trust Fund” responded to the Syrian Crisis on World Refugee Day had accepted “new projects” that will support Lebanon and Jordan’s...