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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Georges Saad (Lebanon)

Journalist. Specialities: Sustainability, local development, energy policies.

Environmental technology gains focus

Environmental technology has received shot in the arm following the signing of a $100 million financing deal between the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development...
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Foreign funded NGOs in Egypt feel brunt of law

Foreign funded NGOs in Egypt are having a hard time in the country following the review of a law by Egyptian President...

Oil sales will continue: Hassan Rouhani

Oil sales will continue and Iran will break U.S. imposed sanctions, said a defiant Iranian President Hassan Rouhani after the United States reimposed sanctions on...

Egypt’s non-oil private sector dips lower

Non-oil private sector activity in Egypt has dipped modestly in October 2018 and have touched their lowest levels, showed a survey.
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Nassib border with Jordan opens on Oct. 10

Syria’s Nassib border crossing with Jordan will reopen on October 10, said Syria's state media reports. With the trade captured from the rebels, the...
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MESA can co-exist with Qatar dispute

MESA (Middle East Strategic Alliance) was created to serve as a bulwark against extremism and Iran. But with Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain and...
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Saudi bankruptcy law lays foundation for Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia’s comprehensive bankruptcy law has gone into effect last month, with economists saying the move will significantly impact long term economic growth in...
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Nuclear reactors: Saudi Arabia thinking out loud

Nuclear power stations could power much of Saudi Arabia’s electrical requirements, with U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry stating the United States is working closely...

Contraband starving Lebanon of much needed revenue

Contraband is increasingly depriving Syria of much needed revenues. The illicit trade of contraband, which includes tobacco, cigarettes and pharmaceuticals, through Syria’s porous borders...
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Education and funding required for Syria’s children

Education has emerged as a focus point in Syria. With the fears of war largely receding from what was once the world’s biggest battle...