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Friday, October 30, 2020

David Hury (France-Lebanon)

David Hury (France-Lebanon)
Journalist and Editorial consultant. Former Beirut correspondent for La Croix, Le Soir, 20 Minutes.
lynn maalouf bytheeast amnesty international

Lynn Maalouf on death penalty: “Lebanon could play a role model”

ByTheEast: Let’s begin by getting a general overview of the human rights scene in Lebanon. Do you see any signs of progress...
igor delanoe david hury bytheeast galina kuznetsova

Igor Delanoë on Syria: “Moscow and Tehran move towards a cooperative competition”

ByTheEast: Let’s start by the Syrian issue. How could Russian diplomacy "benefit" from the disengagement of Westerners? Which political solution can...
asmahan zein LLWB

Asmahan Zein on labour market: “Women lack representation at many levels”

ByTheEast: A recent survey (‘Working Women in the Middle East and North Africa’, by Bayt.com and YouGov.com) ranked Lebanon as #1, vis-a-vis...
Tom Butler mining ICMM ByTheEast

Tom Butler on mining sector: “We are expected to do good not just do well”

ByTheEast: ICMM focuses on mining companies’ values, such as sustainable development and CSR (Corporate social responsibility). How can you help them...
jacques sarraf lebanon russia

Jacques Sarraf on Lebanon-Russia: “We need to establish strategic relations”

ByTheEast: How old are the bounds between Lebanon and Russia?  Jacques Sarraf: The first contact between Russia and the Lebanese population dates back to the...
tatiana weber world bank

Tatiana Weber on Egypt: “Education is the top priority”

ByTheEast: According to a report published by the World Economic Forum, Egypt’s economy ranks 11th in the Middle East. How can you explain this...
roland riachi water crisis resources lebanon beirut water resources

Roland Riachi on water resources: “2018 is definitely a year of crisis”

ByTheEast: What’s so specific about water in Lebanon? Riachi: What’s really fascinating about water is that water is everywhere. In every fields in our societies:...
iran rohani syria syrian

Iran waiting for its piece of the Syrian pie

Seven years later, Syrian territory is in pieces. The economy too, and do-gooders are waiting for the end of the war. This tune is...
Egypt Sukaria gold mine

Egypt’s courting Australia to upgrade mining industry

Aussies most welcomed. Long-term projects are often initiated behind the scenes, and Egypt would like to go fast on upgrading mining industry. Two days...

Turkey: 104 ‘plotters’ sentenced to life

A Turkish court handed life sentences to 104 suspects over their involvement in the July 2016 attempted coup, according to state media. The former military...