Lebanon-Algeria deals to boost agricultural cooperation

The signature of 12 agreements between Beirut and Algiers was initially planned for 2018. © Fetati SDM

You may not know it, but Lebanon-Algeria’s relationships are close. Both countries have a lot in common, except their size as Algeria is 228 bigger than Lebanon. Links between Beirut and Algiers will finally be reinforced next Monday with the signature of 12 agreements aimed at boosting agricultural cooperation between the two countries, as Lebanese Ambassador to Algeria Mohammad Hassan said. Initially, these signatures were planned for 2018.

“A Lebanese delegation will travel to Algeria where the agreements will be signed in a bid to strengthen economic ties between the two countries,” Hassan was quoted as saying by the National News Agency.

His remarks came during his meeting with Lebanese Agriculture Minister Hassan Lakkis. The ambassador also said the agreements will include the exemption of a few agricultural products from taxes and customs duties between Lebanon and Algeria.

Algeria is in need of agricultural engineers and marketing professionals, which will provide good job opportunities for the Lebanese, he noted.