A small step towards a greener energy security in Lebanon

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Seen here is a general view of the Bisri dam that will be flooded on its completion.

In a development aimed at safeguarding Lebanon’s energy security, the country’s Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) and Ministry of Environment (MoE) are set to collaborate on a mini-hydro power plant.

Once the project is commissioned it ensures a jump in technical assistance and capacity augmentation and development of the Lebanese Government. Further, the project is supposed to strengthen the government’s multi-pronged capacities to respond locally to environmental and energy requirements of the country.

In the context of energy security in Lebanon, an industry which has so far been characterized by a public monopoly and insufficient energy supply, the installation and commissioning of the mini-hydro power plant will enable the Lebanese government to provide electricity to the Municipality of Tannourine as well as its Governmental Hospital.

All participants, including the Municipality of Tannourine, the MOE and the MEW, will be actively involved throughout the various stages of the projects that will enhance the region’s energy security.

The general objective of the mini-hydro power plant is to contribute to the strengthening of entities within the Lebanese Government, especially its renewable energy sector which plans to elaborate on a new governmental strategy aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change. Time will tell, but according to Roland Riachi, a visiting assistant professor at the Department of Political Studies and Public Administration at AUB and specialist of the political ecology of water in Lebanon, “hydropower has low-impact in our country”…