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Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri © Dalati Nohra
What they said about the new Cabinet

President Michel Aoun: “The government comprises new faces and they are good, but it is surprising that we have started hearing criticism against it and against its figures through the media before they even assume their posts and start their work. Corruption is the fiercest disease that has stricken Lebanon and we have started to confront it.”

President of Parliament Nabih Berri: “If these issues were addressed and solved, from electricity to garbage to combating corruption, then we can say that the country is saving itself. If that happened, Lebanon will see tons of tourists.”

Progressive Socialist Party leader ex-MP Walid Jumblat: “The thing more important than the CEDRE conference is to pinpoint the sources of public money waste and smuggling and to reject any hike in electricity fees.”

After 8 months of an arm-wrestling contest between all political forces in Lebanon, Saad Hariri has finally announced his new team. Now, let’s wait and see what they can do. Let’s hope they will act quickly. Because the list of reforms are as long as my arm…

It’s funny somehow. We hear the exact same voices saying the exact same things for the past 30 years. Why haven’t they done anything to fight corruption and to resolve problems such as EDL? They had plenty of time. Worst, those voices were the pillars of the corrupted system for years and years… How can the Lebanese people give them credit? It’s a mystery.

The new government

Prime Minister: Saad Hariri (Future Movement)

Deputy Prime Minister: Ghassan Hasbani (Lebanese Forces)

Minister of Agriculture: Hassan Lakkis (Amal Movement)

Minister of Culture: Muhammad Daoud (Amal Movement)

Minister of Defense : Elias Bou Saab (Free Patriotic Movement)

Minister of the Displaced Affairs: Ghassan Atallah (Free Patriotic Movement)

Minister of Economy and Trade: Mansour Bteich (Free Patriotic Movement)

Minister of Education and Higher Learning: Akram Chehayeb (Progressive Socialist Party)

Minister of Energy and Water: Nada Boustani (Free Patriotic Movement) 

Minister of Environment: Fadi Jreissati (Free Patriotic Movement)

Minister of Finance: Ali Hassan Khalil (Amal Movement)

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: Gebran Bassil (Free Patriotic Movement)

Minister of Industry: Wael Abou Faour (Progressive Socialist Party)       

Minister of Information: Jamal Jarrah (Future Movement)

Minister of Interior and Municipalities: Raya Haffar Hassan (Future Movement)

Minister of Justice: Albert Serhan (Free Patriotic Movement)

Minister of Labor: Camille Abou Sleiman (Lebanese Forces)

Minister of Public Health: Jamil Jabak (Independent)

Minister of Public Works and Transportation: Youssef Finianos (Marada Movement)

Minister of Social Affairs: Richard Kouyoumdjian (Lebanese Forces)

Minister for Technology and Investment: Adel Afiouni (Azm Movement)

Minister of Telecommunications: Muhammad Choucair (Future Movement)

Minister of Tourism: Avedis Guidanian (Tashnag)

Minister of Youth and Sports: Muhammad Fneish (Hezbollah)

State Minister for Administrative Development: May Chidiac (Lebanese Forces)

State Minister for Foreign Trade: Hassan Mrad (March 8 Alliance)

State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs: Mahmoud Kmati (Hezbollah)

State Minister for Presidential Affairs: Salim Jreissati (Free Patriotic Movement)

State Minister for Refugee Affairs: Saleh Gharib (Independent)

State Minister for Women’s Affairs: Violette Khairallah Safadi (Future Movement)