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Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Economic crisis looms over Lebanon: Economic experts

Economic crisis looming over Lebanon – such are the news reports coming out from the Western Press. Living in Beirut we already knew it....
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Lebanese manousheh comes to London City

Manousheh has reached the food market of London. Now it remains to be seen if the popular Lebanese dish manages to carve out a...
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Economic impact of the Syrian war on Lebanon

The economic impact of the Syrian war has cost Lebanon nearly $9.7 billion, according to a study conducted by Jennifer Abu Mrad and her...
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Depreciation of the Rial will be eased: Iran’s central bank

The Iranian Rial has halved its value since April 2018. In a bid to place a plank under its bottom especially since U.S. sanctions...
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Cattle exports from Normandy to Iran comes to a grind

The export of cattle from Normandy to Iran has come to a standstill thanks to U.S. sanctions on Iran. According to a Senator from...

Dubai School Health Policy to inculcate healthy habits in students

In the effort to cultivate a “safe and healthy environment” for students, the DHA or “Dubai Health Authority” launched the “School Health Policy”, which...