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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Tom Butler mining ICMM ByTheEast

Tom Butler on mining sector: “We are expected to do good not just do well”

ICMM focuses on mining companies’ values, such as sustainable development and CSR (Corporate social responsibility). How can you help them to...
Qatar Investment Authority

Qatar Investment Authority accelerates investments in tech

The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) has accelerated its investments in technology while keeping the door wide open for strategic partnerships in tech...
beach cleaning barthelemy leyconie

Lebanese citizens volunteer for streets and beaches cleanup

Celebrating the World Cleanup Day, the people of Lebanon from all over the country gathered for beach and road cleanup.
natural gas, Lebanon, LNG,

Natural gas becomes priority for Lebanese power sector

Lebanon will make natural gas as the primary source of energy in its power sector, informed Cesar Abi Khalil, the Energy Minister...
debt sustainability

Debt sustainability risks for emerging economies

Debt sustainability in emerging economies is becoming increasingly challenging said, Ambassador Salim Baddoura of Lebanon, president of the UNCTAD Trade and Development...

Environmental technology gains focus

Environmental technology has received shot in the arm following the signing of a $100 million financing deal between the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development...
Guilherme Casarões

Guilherme Casarões on Brazil: “The trade relationships with the Middle East are not easy”

ByTheEast: Brazil was a net importer of agricultural products in the 1970s. It now ranks among the world’s five largest agricultural producers and exporters....
Saudi Arabia, revamps, bankruptcy law, Vision 2030, economists, long term, economic, growth, Kingdom, comprehensive, reforms, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman,

Saudi bankruptcy law lays foundation for Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia’s comprehensive bankruptcy law has gone into effect last month, with economists saying the move will significantly impact long term economic growth in...

Resort activities keep endangered turtles out of Al-Mansouri Beach

In Al-Mansouri Beach moon beams have lost their bright glow as the “projector beams” at one end of the sandy stretch pierces the darkness...
waste management plant, sustainability,

Waste management plant in Lebanon recovers resources to create jobs

Waste management plant in Lebanon receives officials at its site. An official delegation of Lebanon visited a “waste sorting plant” which is located in...