Tesla’s Powerwalls could solve Lebanon’s power outages

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Featured here is Tesla's Powerwalls solution. (C) Egear.be.

Earlier this year, in efforts aimed at mitigating the chronic power shortages faced by the South Australian government, Tesla stated it had reached a deal which will see it install solar arrays and Powerwalls which could generate electricity for up to 50,000 homes. The deal was almost undone after the election of a new government but they came around to Tesla’s initiative as long as there is funding for it.

Visibly affected by the hardship faced by Australians, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk had vowed to “work harder” to mitigate the chronic issue. In the following months, Musk announced the creation of a massive virtual power plant that focused public housing so as to directly mitigate the cost of electricity for those that need it the most.

So far Tesla has deployed its Powerwalls to 100 homes which have also received a 5 kW solar array. As per an Australian local news station – 9 Adelaide, tenants in the city who used to spend $500 every 3 months for electricity now pay only $175. The impact of Tesla’s Powerwall are evident for all to see.

There’s finally some power bill relief for a group of south Australians with 100 public houses having solar panels and batteries installed as part of a plan to build the world’s largest virtual power plant.” #9News pic.twitter.com/GQvoGM1VYx

In the following weeks, after the completion of 100 installations, Tesla aims to cover 1000 more homes.

According to this news report, Tesla’s Powerwalls and solar panel solution is 30% more cost effective than a regular power grid. In fact, this effort could potentially stabilize the entire South Australia grid and enable Australians to leverage and take advantage of renewable energy.

The news bodes well for the Lebanese people since the solution is now set to power homes in Lebanon as well.